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Rick van Rein, PhD student:

Publications by Rick van Rein

Due to my work for Compuware/Uniface I have not been able to submit a lot of papers yet. But I did build up a lot of ideas and currently I'm publishing more.

  • Specifying Processes with Dynamic Life Cycles. Rick van Rein. Published on CAiSE*00. ©2000 Springer-Verlag.

    Keywords: object orientation, polymorphic creation and deletion, conceptual modelling, communication, state diagrams, life cycles, process algebra, component composition.

    abstract, BibTeX.
  • Object Interoperability. October 1999. Proceedings of the Object Interoperability workshop WOI'99 as part of ECOOP'99. Authored by Antonio Vallecillo, Juan Hernandez and Jose M Troya, with contributions by the workshop participants (including me).

    abstract, BibTeX.
  • Protocol Assuring Universal Language. Rick van Rein, Maarten Fokkinga. Published on FMOODS'99.

    Keywords: object orientation, interface, behaviour, role, protocol, process, type checking, CSP, Paul.

    abstract, BibTeX, download, software.
  • Object Oriented Compiler Technology. Rick van Rein. Workshop presentation at the OOPSLA'94 workshop on object oriented compiler technology.

    abstract, BibTeX, download.
  • An Object-Oriented Framework for Mapping Concurrent Applications to Parallel and Distributed Architectures. Rick van Rein. July 1994. MSc thesis written in the TRESE project.

    abstract, BibTeX, download.
  • On Ultimate Reductions of Mathematical Formulae. May 1998. PhD thesis written in the Quantum project.


In the pipeline

The following publications have been submitted or are being written momentarily.
  • Wrapping Processes around Relational Databases. Rick van Rein, Peter Apers.
  • Integrating Formal Process Models into Practical Object-Oriented Models. Rick van Rein. Submitted to TOOLS Europe 2000.
  • Life Cycle Semantics. Maarten Fokkinga, Rick van Rein. Currently work in progress.
  • Home-grown CASE tools with XML and XSLT. Rick van Rein, Richard Brinkman. Submitted to the WME'00 workshop on the ECOOP 2000 conference.
  • On Practical Verification of Processes. Rick van Rein. Accepted for the WOI'00 workshop on the ECOOP 2000 conference.

Other publications

  • Refinement in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. MSc thesis by Rik Eshuis. July 1998.

    abstract, download.
  • Global Aspects of System Protocols. MSc thesis by Egbert Strijbos. December 1998.

    abstract, download.